Hongyin Shanfang Garden

Rainbow Drinking Mountain House is located 200 meters east of the Yan Family Garden, is a famous garden in the suburbs of Suzhou during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, because the door to the Xiangxi, backed by Lingyan, "the beauty of the streams and mountains and the flowers and trees of the victory of the pond pavilion" is far too much than the other gardens, so every time the Qianlong Emperor went down to the south of Jiangnan tour of the Mudu, he had to go to the Rainbow Drinking Mountain House, where he traveled to the garden, watched the opera, and sipped tea, Poetry, until the night falls, only reluctant to give up, along the door in front of the pond Royal Road, back to Lingyan Mountain Palace. Therefore, Hongyan Mountain House is also known as Emperor Qianlong's "folk palace" in the area.




Many relics related to Qianlong have survived in the Rainbow Drinking Mountain House. In front of the mountain house is the imperial dock and the imperial monument pavilion. In the spring of the 16th year of Qianlong's reign (1751 A.D.), Qianlong made his first southward tour, and the imperial boat passed through the canal, turned to the Xujiang River, and entered the Xiangxi River, where he left the boat and disembarked. Qianlong was fond of traveling in the mountains and playing in the water, writing and inking, and wherever he went, he would write poems and inscriptions. When he saw this ancient road in the mountain ponds, he could not help but be inspired by the poem, and immediately accounted for the seven rhymes of a poem. Later, the seven rhymes were engraved by local officials in the monument, placed in the pavilion, and the opposite side of the Ming Dynasty Yiquan Pavilion mirror, becoming a major landscape of the ancient town.

In those years, Emperor Qianlong lived in Lingyan Mountain Palace, while those lyricists and their retinue lived in the Rainbow Drinking House. According to the history of the letter: Liu Yong had stayed in the Rainbow Drinking Mountain Room for two times, and the master Xu Shiyuan tacit understanding, the Rainbow Drinking Mountain Room's plaque and the flower hall inside the "Cheng Zi four aphorisms" of the crossword, is Liu Yong Xu Shiyuan's gift.


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