Yiquan Ting

This is built in the Ming Chongzhen two years (AD 1629) in April of the Yiquan Pavilion, the entire pavilion is composed of all the stone, looks elegant and simple. Yiquan Pavilion's plane is square, three point one meter wide, about four point five meters high, the roof using hermetic eaves type, with eight pieces of stone to cover and become. "Yiquan" for the person's name, Feng Yiquan and Yin Xin yi were two good friends in the town, Feng Yin very trusting, out of the life savings of one hundred taels of silver deposited in the Yin, Feng Yiquan soon died suddenly due to illness, the knee without a descendant, Yin Xin yi will be Feng Yiquan deposited one hundred taels of silver, open wells to build pavilions, not only the convenience of passers-by, but also to honor his late friend in this special way. It was not only convenient for the passers-by, but also a special way to commemorate his late friend. People marveled at Yin Xin Yi's righteousness rather than profit, and his gentlemanly demeanor, and regarded the old Yiquan Pavilion as a symbol of pure friendship. A disciple of Yin Xin Yi wrote the poem "Well Pavilion": "There was Yiquan Pavilion in the past, and the name of the pavilion has been buried under the spring for many years. Today, who is willing to construct the Yiquan Pavilion?"


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