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Tianping Mountain




Tianping Mountain Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of the ancient city of Suzhou, on the shore of Taihu Lake, and is the core scenic spot of Taihu Lake National Scenic Spot, which has the reputation of "the first mountain in Wuzhong" and "the best scenic spot in the south of the Yangtze River", and is one of the four major maple-appreciation resorts in China.
Tianping Mountain is 201 meters above sea level, with a steep and dangerous terrain, known as Baiyun Mountain in ancient times, also known as Zhi Mountain, which is the burial place of the ancestor of Fan Zhongyan, a famous minister of the Northern Song Dynasty. The scenic spot covers an area of nearly 100 hectares, and is known for its "red maple, strange rocks and clear springs", with eighteen scenic spots, such as Ten Thousand Watts Facing the Sky, Gao Yi Stacked Jade, Ten Thousand Red Haze, and Jade Springs Chanting Softly.

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