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Mudu White Elephant Bay Eco-tourism Zone



White Elephant Bay Happy Ecological Park is located in the north area of Mudu Town, Suzhou City, surrounded by peaks, grass and trees, a lake ripples in it, quiet and beautiful, is the ecological green lungs of the bustling city, the Taihu Lake shore of the happy "peach blossom garden". White Elephant Bay is named after the six-tusked elephant, the mount of the Bodhisattva Puxian, which was transformed into a mountain here to subdue demons and remove devils. Crossing the auspicious gate, sitting quietly in the tranquil lake, hand in hand with the love valley, in the birdsong and fragrance of flowers to experience the "Guan Guan Youdao", "walking in the clouds", "fantasy house" and other recreational facilities, but also to experience the You can also experience the simulated fire escape training hall, simulated earthquake experience hall, high-rise rappelling escape training wall, cross-country car model arena, Lua base, real CS paintball sports center and happy farm. Let's get away from the city's splendor and hustle and bustle, and go into the Happy White Elephant Bay together, release your mind in the midst of laughter, and appreciate life between the mountains and the water...

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