Good News! Mudu Ancient Town wins the honor of "Provincial Night Cultural Tourism Gathering Area" again.

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2023-05-15 14:06

Good News! Mudu Ancient Town wins the honor of "Provincial Night Cultural Tourism Gathering Area" again.


Recently, the third batch of provincial night culture and tourism cluster construction unit list was announced, the province's 30 clusters were selected, Suzhou 3 units on the list, Mudu Ancient Town on the list.

The ancient town of Mudu relies on the historical and cultural heritage of more than 2,500 years, and the tradition of "walking on the moon in Lingyan" has been passed down since ancient times, which can be regarded as the earliest prototype of the night economy. On this basis, Mudu effectively utilizes the advantages of location, industry and humanities to promote the nighttime consumption of the millennium ancient town.

With the famous water system - Xiangxi River as the main axis, connecting the whole town night life plate, the launch of business, culture, sports and tourism fusion of special night economy "Mudu night" series of night activities, effectively stimulate the night economy of Mudu, stimulate the city's new momentum. With "garden night tour", "kunqu commentary", "folk food", "non-heritage cultural creation", "garden lodging" and other activities as the focus, to reproduce the "Gusu night prosperity".

First of all, work on the environmental atmosphere: on the basis of upgrading the infrastructure, supporting guide signs, trusses, light boxes and other atmospheric arrangements were set up at the main entrance. Through the lighting arrangement along Shantang Street, it lights up the Shantang Street of Mudu Ancient Town, and reflects the brilliance of Lingyan Mountain at night, emphasizing the atmosphere of "the night of Mudu is not yet over, and the moon of Lingyan is bright".

Along the street lighting for transformation, set up flowers, leaves, fish, poems and other romantic elements of light projection, and the surrounding environment and style of harmony and unity at the same time, more prominent Mudu elements, Mudu characteristics. In the envy garden square, xishi bridge and other tourists can sit a break in the area were highlighted lighting sketches.

Extend the opening hours of the Yan family garden attractions, to create a garden "night garden", but also launched a night mini-theater "meet Gusu - Mudu past", in the form of immersive drama performances for visitors to provide cultural and tourism integration experience.

At the same time, a variety of ways to explore the integration of culture, sports, tourism and business: "sound for love" charity concert with "music + charity + non-heritage" not only presents an audio-visual feast, but also a blend of charitable education, WU China's heritage culture, Xiangxi folk snacks, so that tourists linger.

Taking "Mudu characteristics + cultural elements" as the direction, it has carried out the design of nighttime cultural tourism consumption scenes and theme creation, and developed the "Everything Comes to the Tide - National Tide Night Market" activity in the ART block of Fragrant Creek Bank. It has also taken this opportunity to create a number of nighttime cultural tourism consumption brands with high recognition, strong feelings and good reputation.

With the superimposed mode of "Sports Night Market + Characteristic Culture and Tourism Products + Chinese Super League Match Broadcasting + National Tide Music Carnival + Ancient Town Orienteering Race", it organizes "Tonight's "Wu" Sleeping "Rhyme" Moves Fragrant Stream and "2020 Sports Night Market Carnival - Mudu Station", promotes the in-depth fusion of culture, sports, and tourism and the upgrading of consumption, and enriches the brand connotation of the "Gusu Eight and a Half" Night Economy.

Moreover, the integration of Mudu characteristic festival tourism culture brand: 2020 held the "Golden Autumn Tourism and Culture Season", to "Mudu night, Tibetan book flavor, vault line" as the theme, linking the major tourism elements, aimed at promoting the development of Mudu town night time economy. "Gusu twelve women" cultural debut activities, showing the traditional clothing skills of working women in the water village, to create another red spot for tourists, presenting a thousand years old town "night is not yet the center of the night" of the flourishing night life model ...... so on and so forth!

In 2020, "Mudu Night" won the honors of "Top 10 Nighttime Culture and Tourism Consumption Gathering Area" in Suzhou and "Top 10 Nighttime Culture and Tourism Consumption Gathering Area" in Wuzhong District.

2022 Mudu Ancient Town on CCTV to become the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala outside shooting location, the lens of small bridges and flowing pavilions and pavilions, with Wu Nong soft language of Suzhou commentary to create a strong atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival; national intangible cultural heritage projects (Su embroidery) representative inheritor Yao Jianping teacher to flower as the theme, with a needle instead of a pen, with a line instead of ink to the world's Chinese people to dedicate to the "flowers and the moon" of the blessing of the Mid-Autumn Festival; open up the Millennium Fragrant Creek fog watery and soft feelings of the Jiangnan beauties in the hand-rocked boat across the small bridges and willow as if from the painting to come ...... so that the millennium-old town of Gushu, the Jiangnan elegance of the more graphic in the eyes of the global audience.


After three years of precipitation, Mudu will actively promote the integration of culture, tourism, science and technology with the night-time economy, increase the supply of night-time products and improve the quality of supply. At the same time, thick planting "Jiangnan culture" connotation, highlighting the cultural characteristics of Jiangnan, in the framework of the overall tourism, continue to explore, play "culture and tourism +" pulling force, fusion and integration of the role of focusing on the tourists at night culture and tourism consumption experience, plowing scenic spots at night travel! Resource integration, tourism product creation, and promote the night brand promotion of Mudu.