In the year 154 BC,

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2023-05-15 09:37

During the reign of Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty (154 BC), Zhu Maichen, who was already in his forties and still impoverished, lived in a small thatched cottage on the western side of Mudu town which is near a mountain. He would go up the mountain every day to chop firewood and sell it in Mudu town to support himself. He never forgot to read and study and would hide his books among the firewood to avoid ridicule. Finally, at the age of fifty, during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han, he was appointed as a middle-ranking official and gradually rose through the ranks to become the Governor of Kuaiji and the Chief Feudatory Officer, ranking among the nine ministers. The place where he lived was also named “Cangshu” (meaning “hidden books”).