Where to walk your children on May 1? Mudu call you to see the children's theater in the garden!

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2023-05-12 14:26

Where to walk your children on May 1? Mudu call you to see the children's theater in the garden!

The classical gardens of Suzhou are the representative symbols of Jiangnan culture and the essence of the poetic and picturesque Suzhou-style life. When people wander through them, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery within their reach, and the elegance of the south of the Yangtze River is all around them.

In February 2023, the first garden-themed creative suitcase drama "Meow King in the Garden" opened in the first round of performances in Suzhou Yanjia Garden (Envy Garden)-Mingyi House, retracing the cultural charm of Suzhou gardens with a new storytelling perspective and performance form. Based on the vision of continuously exporting the culture of the south of the Yangtze River, "Meow King in the Garden" will be upgraded comprehensively during the May Day Holiday of 2023 to emphasize the creation of the "Drama Aesthetics Touring Garden Class".

The first children's theater to be staged in a garden field


Yan Family Garden (Envy Garden) is located in Shantang Street of Mudu Ancient Town, one of the famous gardens in Jiangnan, formerly known as the former residence of Shen Deqian, a famous scholar during the Qianlong period, and Yan Guoxin, the richest man in Mudu. Liang Sicheng, an architectural historian, once said in his book "History of Chinese Architecture" that the Envy Garden "is full of new ideas and does not fall into the usual pattern".

Yan family garden has its unique charm, in the architectural shape, breaking the smooth plate law situation, unique; in the plant layout, skillfully planted seasonal flowers and trees, constituting the spring, summer, autumn and winter of four distinctive gardens, so that the small garden scenery is different from time to time, extremely rare.

The performance of "Meow King in the Garden" is held in the garden, which is a new attempt for children's theater to enter the garden for the first time.

As an extension of the famous garden from the south of the Yangtze River in an effort to meet the needs of children's theater, it is in the content, is fun and laughter and knowledge popularization of the balance of coexistence, each scene of the story to garden elements as the protagonist, each level of the way to pass, in accordance with the knowledge of the garden to set up.

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