The Royal Tour Festival is coming on May 1, and it's a great way to get a sneak peek of what's to come!

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2023-05-12 13:53

The "early summer experience" in Suzhou these days

From spring to summer

The atmosphere has been set.

The much-anticipated Yuyu Festival is here!

Follow the footsteps of spring

Enjoy the spring scenery in the gardens

There are many gifts waiting for you!

- Qianlong boat trip to Xiangxi -


Emperor Qianlong's six trips to Jiangnan pair, Qianlong left a deep impression of Suzhou, Mudu is more like. The so-called "Gusu prosperity map" half in Mudu, in Mudu Ancient Town will recreate the Qianlong boat tour Xiangxi scene.

Activity time: During the May Day vacation

Activity Location: Xiangxi Boat Terminal to Rainbow Drinking Mountain Room

- Shedding the Boat and Disembarking to mention Seven Rhythms -

In the spring of the 16th year of Qianlong's reign (1751 AD), Qianlong made his first southward tour, and the imperial boat passed through the canal, turned to the Xujiang River, and turned into the Xiangxi River, where the boat disembarked. Qianlong liked to swim in the mountains and play in the water, writing and ink, and wherever he went, he would write poems and inscriptions. When he saw this ancient road in the mountain ponds, he could not help but be inspired by poetry, and immediately accounted for a poem of seven rhymes. Later, this poem was engraved by the local officials in the monument, standing in the Yiquan Pavilion, preserved to this day. In this Imperial Tour Festival, we can also enjoy the elegance of Qianlong's poem at the Imperial Pier.

Event Time: During the May Day Holiday

Venue: Imperial Wharf

-The Qianlong Emperor rewarded Chunhui House.

China has always emphasized filial piety, and there is a stage called "Chunhui Lou" in the Rainbow Drinking Mountain House in Mudu, which was built by the owner of the garden, Xu Shiyuan, to support his mother's salary. Qianlong's imperial procession will also enter the Rainbow Drinking Mountain House, and visitors will be able to follow Qianlong to watch the performance in the Chunhui Building. While watching the performance full of Jiangnan flavor, you can feel the traditional culture of filial piety and interact with Qianlong to enhance the fun of the experience.

Activity time: During the May Day holiday

Venue: Rainbow Drinking House

- Imperial Mudu Grand Parade -

Qianlong's imperial procession will start the parade on Shantang Street in Mudu Ancient Town, and tourists can be part of the procession and enjoy the spring scenery along the way with the "Emperor Qianlong" as he retraces his steps.

Activity time: During the May Day holiday

Venue: Mudu Shantang Street

- Ancient style paper kite palace fan DIY -

The weather is sunny and the temperature is pleasant during May Day, which is a good time for parents and children to visit. In Mudu Ancient Town, the experiential activities with the theme of "What Qianlong Played" will surely make everyone have fun. On the second floor of the Rainbow Drinking House, the area decorated with paper kites and palace fans is full of ancient style. During the beautiful vacation, you can experience making a paper kite or painting a fan with your own hands, which will be both enjoyable and poetic.

Activity time: During the May Day holiday

Venue: Rainbow Drinks Mountain House

- I'm the stamp man.

Qianlong is a famous "seal man", especially to see the famous calligraphy and painting always like to comment on the seal, in calligraphy and painting signed appreciation of this piece of Qianlong has a very high level. Qianlong has a lot of favorite seals, in the Yan family garden, visitors will appreciate part of the Qianlong seal pattern. At the same time, the town will also customize the Royal Tour Festival theme of the seal, friends can go to the scenic area to set the seal oh ~ ~

Activity Time: During the May Day Holiday

Activity Location: Yanjia Garden

- The King of Poetry is here -

Qianlong composed many poems in his life, many of which are related to Suzhou. In the Garden of Ancient Pines, Qianlong's poems will be artistically displayed for everyone to enjoy. Visitors can enjoy the poems of the emperor while enjoying the ancient pines in the Ancient Pine Garden.

Activity time: During the May Day Holiday

Event Location: Ancient Pine Garden

Mudu Night

- The Old Street Twin Pavilions -

During the daytime, Mudu is a picture of spring in the south of the Yangtze River, and at night, Mudu takes on a different classical flavor. Suzhou has a lot of traditional arts, with commentary and Kunqu opera being some of the more famous forms of debut art, which have been popular from ancient times to the present day. During the May Day holiday, come to Mudu Shantang Street on a cool spring evening, and you will see performances of jingju and kunqu in the Yiquan Pavilion and Xiangxi Pavilion on the Old Street Hill, which are full of ancient charm.

Activity time: During the May Day vacation

Venue: Yiquan Pavilion and Xiangxi Pavilion

- Wu Ge Sisters' Night Tour of Fragrant Creek -

Wu song is the folk song and ballad of Wu land, which is an important part of Wu culture and a folk literature and art with strong national and regional characteristics. In the night colorful Mudu Xiangxi, a boat lit up with a bit of starlight flooding on the Xiangxi, two women from the Wu land come singing songs.

Event Time: During the May Day Holiday

Venue: Xiangxi River, from Hongyinshanfang to Yanjia Garden.

- The Night of the Blasphemous River -

A hot and bustling vacation, of course, there is no shortage of special seasonal food. Suzhou snacks history is famous all over the world, full of special snacks are countless, dumplings candy, date mud hemp cake, umami rice each can make your teeth and cheeks. Mudu also has a lot of exquisite handicrafts, bright crystal pearl jewelry, detailed and delicate Su embroidery artwork ...... In the night market, we can see more diversified and more fireworks atmosphere of Mudu.

Activity time: May Day holiday period

Location: Along Shantang Street

- Online Interaction -

During the event, you can also participate in online interaction through the "Mudu Tourism" small program. In Mudu Ancient Town, there will be a number of "YuYou Encounter Points", where you can scan the code through the small program to participate in online activities and have the opportunity to get customized gifts, so be sure to participate in it.

This May Day holiday

Meet in Mudu Ancient Town

Follow Qianlong to visit Mudu!