Free tours for recent candidates! You want to be a "toadstool"? Here's what to see!

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2022-06-10 15:23

"Ten years of hard study.

One day you'll win the gold medal."

It's another year of college entrance examination season

Mudu Ancient Town Scenic Spot for

The fresh graduates of the high school entrance exams to send welfare!

From June 10th to August 31st

fresh secondary and senior high school candidates with examination passes

Candidates themselves can visit for free

Mudu Culture and Tourism Group's scenic spots:

Dome Mountain Scenic Spot, Sun Wu Cultural Park,

Ten Thousand Bird Garden, Little Longzhong,

Mudu Ancient Town Scenic Area, Lingyan Mountain Scenic Area

Tianchi Mountain Scenic Area (White Elephant Bay)

Note: You need to present your pass in person at the visitor center,

real-name identity information in exchange for free tickets.

(Show your pass and ticket at the admission checkpoint)

Why not go to Mudu

Retracing the ancient road of reading and examination

Experience reading,

The examination is a great opportunity to experience the joy of being

to the joy of the gold list


family with a son who reads books


Yan family garden of early fall garden has a water parlor, called "smell mignonette", mignonette flowers that is the Suzhou dialect in the osmanthus, osmanthus flowers planted around here. Whenever midsummer, here is the fragrance of osmanthus, refreshing, at night, a round of the moon reflected in the water, with the waves, is the best place to enjoy the autumn moon, smell osmanthus.

There is a couplet in the pavilion: "smell the fragrance of cinnamon, read up to close the firefly", cinnamon, that is, the toad palace, high school scholar; close the firefly, that is, the bag of firefly hard reading, is the Jin Dynasty - Che Yin diligently read the allusion. In Tang Bai Juyi's poem "Chun Shen", No. 10: "I am ashamed of Qie's name, and I have the ambition of collecting fireflies to admire the car." Qie is the same as "Qie", which means Qie Monk. Che, Che Yin. In the Southern Song Dynasty, Tang Daoluan (檀道鸾), "Renewal of the Jin Yang Autumn": "Che Yin's character Wu Zi, never tired of learning. The family is poor and not always get oil, summer with practice bag holding dozens of fireflies, to night after day." This couplet sends the owner of the garden expects his children and grandchildren to study hard and achieve success.


imperial examinations in progress


From the Sui Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, the imperial examination has lasted for more than 1,300 years. Although the imperial examination was abolished, the examination system created by it has continued to this day. The originator of the college entrance examination is the examination system of the imperial examination. Since the restoration of the college entrance examination system, tens of millions of people's sons and daughters have gained the dragon gate, thus changing their personal and family destinies.

You can also learn more about the story of the imperial examinations in the Museum of the Rainbow Drinking House, with a wide range of simulated imperial examinations, high-quality imperial examination papers, and amazing cheating cheat sheets .......

These precious historical materials all show the ancient "college entrance examination" strict, today's college entrance examination still has the role of education and warning. Here you can satisfy your curiosity about the ancient "college entrance examination".

Of course, you can also write down your wishes and hang them on the wishing wall in the ancient town, planting seedlings of hope for the realization of your wishes, and believing that your wishes will come true in time.


win top marks in the imperial examinations


Feng Guifen, the owner of Pung-eye Mansion, was a famous Enlightenment thinker and political commentator in modern times. Because he won the second place in the Gengzhi Section in the 20th year of the Daoguang period (1840), that is, the second place after the top scorer, people called his former residence "Pung-eye Mansion", which is now the Wuzhong District Mingde Educational Center.

Feng Guifen (1809-1874) was a thinker and essayist of the late Qing Dynasty, who emphasized on the study of the world and its application throughout his life, and wrote "Protests of the Duke of the School", which was the earliest expression of the ideology of "using the Chinese body and the West", the theoretical platform of the foreign affairs movement, and was also regarded as a forerunner of the bourgeois reformist school. His sentiment of "taking the world as one's own" and the idea of "following only the good" inherited the ancient literary lineage of Fan Zhongyan, Gu Yanwu, Lin Zexu and other sages and philosophers, and created his own loom to create a new and open up, showing that the wind of virtue continues in the land of Wuzhong, the excellent traditions of the successive generations. Excellent tradition.

 By the Wuzhong District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision and the Mudu Township Party Committee, the government carefully built the Mingde Education Museum, integration of education and training, cultural heritage, art exhibitions in one, aims to draw the heart of cultivation of historical wisdom, inheritance of the spirit of the Mingde rituals of the spiritual lineage.

Here you can learn about the life of the top scorer, experience the beauty of the Suzhou-style garden, feel the charm of the "Jiangnan Three Sculptures", appreciate the deeds of Wuzhong and Mudu Mingxian, drink Guifen tea, experience the breeze of cultural creation and so on.


Youth is a scroll.

The college entrance examination is the pen that punctuates it;

Life is a sailing trip.

The college entrance exam is the wind that catalyzes it;

Life is the way to climb the mountain.

The college entrance examination is the stone of footing.

May all students

May the students be successful in their examinations!