Mudu Ancient Town Scenic Area to carry out A-level scenic area practitioners professionalism and practical training

Release time:

2022-01-12 10:02

In order to effectively enhance the Mudu Ancient Town scenic area tourism services reception capacity, on January 10th Mudu Ancient Town organized the first line of interpreters to carry out the A-level scenic area practitioners professionalism and practical training. This training from the explanation characteristics, basic requirements, behavioral norms and precautions and other aspects of entry, combined with the actual scenic area, to help explainers to enhance the level of explanation services, to solve the problems encountered in the process of explanation services.

Through this training, the participants felt deeply and benefited greatly. We have said, will take this training as an opportunity to enrich themselves, the learned knowledge of etiquette and explanation skills applied to their work, to serve tourists as the purpose, so that tourists are satisfied with the goal of providing more quality service for the majority of tourists.