The Year of Mudu - "The Tiger Celebrates the New Year"

Release time:

2021-12-31 16:25

(January 1-3, 2022)

Rui Hu celebrates the arrival of the New Year, good luck and gifts for the ancient town! Bringing you a brand new year of joyful Mudu. The murmuring water of the Fragrant Stream, the leisurely boat of five blessings. Every family has a new atmosphere, every household puts up spring couplets. The song of Wu and Yue, the spring in the deep courtyard. The sound of hawking is busy, and the flavor is sweet. The gong of good luck is thumping, and the money of the New Year is pressed every year!

I. New Year's greeting and lucky couplets 

The sound of firecrackers is the sound of a new year, and the spring breeze sends warmth into the Tuusu. TEEEL of thousands of families, always change the old symbols with new ones. On New Year's Day, every household will put up spring couplets and window decals, which will bring new atmosphere everywhere. During the New Year's Day, Mudu Ancient Town invites national and provincial famous calligraphers to write Spring Festival couplets and fortune words. With a ticket, you can not only have a close-up view, but also get a pair of spring couplets or fortune words for free! Limited quantity, first-come-first-served!

Time: January 1 - 3 (New Year's Day Holiday)

Venue: Rainbow Drinking House

Participation: After entering the garden with the ticket, you can get a pair of fortune words or couplets written by a calligraphy teacher (limited quantity, first-come-first-served).

Enjoy Folk Music for the New Year

During New Year's festivals, it is a custom for large families in the Wu region to invite opera groups to their homes to play and sing. Officials and eunuchs with a certain status of the family, will also invite the famous music class to play a few nights at home in the hall. This year, Jiangsu Province, invited to the intangible cultural heritage "Mudu Hall of Fame" ancient town of Hall of Fame old artists composed of folk music classes, with the traditional pipe, sheng, strings, etc. playing the Jiangnan silk and bamboo tunes, then you will be able to let you feel the Mudu ancient town of the lively atmosphere of the festival.

Activity time: January 1st - 3rd

Venue: Rainbow Drinking House Chunhui Building

Kunqu Opera for the New Year

Kunqu is one of the oldest types of traditional Han Chinese opera, and is also one of the treasures of traditional Han Chinese culture and art, especially opera art, and is known as an "orchid" in a hundred gardens. Meet Gusu - Mudu Past" is a daytime mini-theater for Suzhou's characteristic opera performance and non-heritage project experience products. The Kunqu Opera "Peony Pavilion - A Dream" combines reality with reality, old songs with new songs, and combines modern technology with naked-eye 3D technology; the bright and soothing Wunong soft language of the commentary artists will lead the audience to envision the white-walled Daiwa and ink-dyed Jiangnan.

Activity time: January 1st -3rd

Venue: Mingyu Building, Yanjiayuan Garden

Four: Five Fortunes Boat for the New Year

The red Chinese knots and big "Fu" characters decorate the sculling boat, and the boatwoman sings Jiangnan tunes with her oar, accompanied by the sound of oars, which becomes the scenery of the ancient town. In the New Year, why don't you go to the ancient town to take a ride on the five blessings boat and enjoy the scenery of the boat touring Xiangxi?

Activity time: January 1st -3rd

Activity Location: Boat Terminal

V. New Year's Drama

Meet Gusu - Mudu Past" takes the Yan Family Garden as a real-life scene, and integrates Suzhou's local music and art, folklore, costumes and language, etc. The performance is also interspersed with the "Mudu Past". Drama performances are also interspersed with the form of "play within a play", through the 3D roaming Gusu City and other technological means, skillfully absorbing the historical and cultural elements of the "Gusu prosperity map in the beginning of the Mudu", and integrating the kunqu opera commentary. Watching the play in Mudu Ancient Town in the New Year will give you an extraordinary audio-visual enjoyment.

Activity time: January 1st -3rd

Venue: Yan Family Garden