Mudu Ancient Town Scenic Spot standardized scenic area marked price to create a harmonious consumer environment

Release time:

2021-12-31 10:47

On the morning of December 30, Suzhou City, Wuzhong District, Mudu Town and other market supervision and management bureau related personnel to Mudu Ancient Town to check the price tag work, Mudu Culture and Tourism Group, deputy general manager, general manager of Mudu Tourism Company, accompanied by Liu Chunmei inspection.

The inspection team has gone to the visitor center, parking lot, and the Yan family garden, on the wall of the price announcement table for one by one inspection and the development of the price of the way, based on the policy and so on also detailed to do to understand, in the Shantang Street along the merchants of the price tag problem supervision, but also on the pricing of the business policy to do the consulting and urging the merchants to the best prices to announce the work of the consumer so that consumers consume in a clear and honest manner. Near New Year's Day, Mudu Ancient Town scenic area will further strengthen the price supervision of the tourism market, regulate the price of tourist attractions operators behavior, purify the price environment of the tourism market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists, so that tourists swim at ease with peace of mind to buy at ease.