To honor our ancestors and learn non-heritage "love our motherland, love our hometown" cultural tour set sail!

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2021-12-27 14:01

On December 23rd, 565 children from Gusu Experimental Primary School came to Mudu Ancient Town to take part in the "Love Your Motherland, Love Your Hometown" Mudu Ancient Town Cultural Tour.

Love your country, love your hometown" focuses on the depth of the combination of culture and tourism, moved the classroom to the mountains and water, winter color pleasant garden, let the intangible cultural heritage inheritors do the students' teachers. In the warm winter sun came to shine under the beautiful ancient town, the children in the process of playing the garden to feel the aesthetics of the Jiangnan architecture; Yan family garden to learn the Wu cultural treasure Kunqu, experience the depth and breadth of China's outstanding traditional arts; in the rainbow drinking mountain house to visit the science and culture museum and personally write calligraphy on the folding fan, will be their best works collection; visit Wuzhong District, the Museum of Education in the Mingde to feel the culture of the pioneers, to understand the "three carvings" of Jiangnan. Jiangnan "three carvings" and experience the charm of inscription and topography; Ancient Pine Garden to appreciate the first of the four famous Chinese embroidery Su embroidery, and personally complete the embroidery works ......

“The "Love your country, love your hometown" cultural tour allowed the children to gain a deeper understanding of the culture of their country and hometown, adding a colorful touch to their reading career. There are many stories and cultures in Mudu, and we look forward to meeting you again!