"Gusu Twelve Maidens Festival" on People's Daily

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2021-10-27 10:34

On October 26th, Mudu Ancient Town's original IP-based creative activity "Gusu Twelve Women's Style Festival" was "flopped" by the People's Daily again and again! Let everyone once again focus on Mudu, understand the characteristics of Wu Di folklore.

During the National Day this year, "Gusu Twelve Women's Style Festival" activities comprehensive upgrade, the scenic area to invite a professional team for the overall planning, looking for professional actors and models in advance of the Wu culture etiquette performance training, the twelve women's overall image to enhance a grade, while planning to increase a lot of twelve women interacting with the DIY interactive experience making a small Project, and restore the tea lady fried tea, weaving lady weaving cloth and sericulture lady sericulture and so on some now uncommon Wu characteristics of folk experience. Let the majority of tourists in the play during the addictive, said the play is very enjoyable, see very enjoyable.

The "Twelve Ladies of Suzhou" are composed of the Boat Lady, the Embroidery Lady, the Weaving Lady, the Tea Lady, the Fan Lady, the Lamp Lady, the Zither Lady, the Silkworm Lady, the Flower Lady, the Song Lady, the Painting Lady and the Clam Lady. They not only represent the 12 trades and skills created by women in the Jiangnan and Suzhou areas, but also focus on the image of working women in the Jiangnan area as well as in all the areas radiated by the Wu culture, with a broad mass base and a deep historical inheritance. Today, through the cooperation and efforts of many parties, the "Twelve Ladies of Gusu" has become a famous brand of Mudu culture and tourism integration.

Last year, "Gusu Twelve Nyonya Festival" stood out among 82 projects, and was finally shortlisted as "Suzhou's Excellent Tourism Festival" and won the award after a number of inspections and selections. It is understood that this honor in the city of Suzhou only 16 units to obtain. During the National Day, Jiangsu public channel news space station, Suzhou news, social fax and other columns have reported Mudu Ancient Town activities to receive the scene. At the same time, Modern Express, Lychee Net, ZiNiu News, Gravitational Broadcasting, Watch Suzhou and other media continued to pay attention to and report on the holiday.

Next, Mudu Ancient Town will continue this momentum, the "twelve ladies of Gusu" tourism festivals better and better, and continue to pay tribute to the "twelve ladies of Gusu" as the main form of tourism festivals to the working women of the Wu region, so that the Wu culture in a more diversified way of inheritance and continuation. In 2021, "Meet the prosperity of Gusu, Reunion of the Twelve Ladies of Gusu" will come to an end on October 31st, so let's see you next year~!