Tang Zhengrong led the team to check the ancient town of the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday tourism safety work

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2021-09-18 17:06

In order to further do a good job in the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day epidemic prevention and safety work, to ensure that tourists in the holiday period safe, orderly tour. the afternoon of September 17, Wuzhong District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau Director Tang Zhengrong, Deputy Director Xu Lingqi, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the fourth stationed disciplinary inspection team leader Wang Tao and his entourage came to the Mudu Ancient Town, the Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day Holiday Tourism Safety Work Situation field inspection. Ni Fangmin, a member of the Party committee of Mudu Town, and Jiang Ciping, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Mudu Culture and Tourism Group, accompanied the inspection.

In Mudu Ancient Town Visitor Center, the inspection team and his entourage learned in detail about the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work, and along the Shantang Street for the waterways, narrow alleys, recreational facilities and other places prone to potential safety hazards on the ground; in the Yanjia Garden, the inspection team of the scenic area of the fire fighting facilities and other work implementation of a comprehensive inspection, to understand the restoration of the Gusu Garden Theatre and the operation of the situation as well as the Shantang Academy of the assessment of performances, etc., and the performance of the Shantang Academy. The site of the accounts of the safety functions made a detailed inspection.

Tang Zhengrong emphasized that we should strictly implement the registration and testing, "one meter line" and other prevention and control initiatives to eliminate paralysis, always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen the accurate prediction of the peak of holiday traffic, and further develop and improve the safety program and deal with public emergencies contingency plan, resolutely put an end to all kinds of tourism safety accidents, to ensure that tourists spend a pleasant, safe and comfortable holiday.