The "Yanshan Yaji" series of humanities lectures started in Mudu

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2021-09-13 10:53

Wu Culture Scholars Gather at Lingyan Mountain in Mudu to Create New Wu Culture Business Card

At 2:00 pm on September 11th, after nearly a year of preparation, the "Yanshan Yaji" series of Wu culture lectures planned by Mudu Culture and Tourism Group started in Lingyan Mountain Scenic Area. The first guest speaker invited to the Suzhou famous scholar Shen Liang, with a popular and humorous way of expression about the "Wu Palace flowers and plants to trace the wind flow" - Pavilion Wa Palace mystery "under the title of the elegant collection of sharing for the audience and netizens on the scene to send a "cultural feast", speaking to the wonderful applause.

It is understood that the "Yanshan Yaji" is Mudu cultural tourism group launched a special humanities experience class public welfare lectures, inviting relevant Suzhou celebrities and elegant people with easy-to-understand language to tell stories related to Wu culture and Mudu, aimed at spreading the Mudu more than 2,500 years of the long history and culture flavor. The first season of "Yanshan Yaji" will begin in September 2021, and it is expected that 10 lectures will be held by famous Wu culture experts, with a wide range of contents, including historical stories and customs, as well as chapters about modern Mudu and the just-opened Metro Line 5, which is related to Mudu. The monthly "Yanshan Yaji" will lead you to travel through the tunnel of time, enjoying the swords and swords of the Spring and Autumn of Wu and Yue, the worry before happiness of Fan Wenzheng Gong, the starry night of poetry and Qufu, and the affluence and prosperity of the commerce of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

As soon as the first recruitment for the audience of Yaji was released through the WeChat public number, the tickets were snapped up, which shows how much the public likes this kind of activity nowadays. Auntie Zhang from the park, specially changed twice the subway line 1 to line 5 to the Lingyan Mountain Pavilion to listen to the lecture, she said: "Mr. Shen Liang spoke very wonderful, explore, combing the classical gardens of Suzhou as a world heritage site of the material source and cultural source. Before only know Suzhou gardens, the original Mudu Lingyan Mountain Pavilion Wa Palace is the model of Chinese royal gardens, the prototype of Suzhou gardens. Mudu's history and culture is profound, this time again increased knowledge." The theme of this first lecture with Lingyan Mountain is inextricably linked to the western foot of Lingyan Mountain produces inkstone, also known as inkstone mountain. Originally for the Spring and Autumn Period, King Wu Fu-chai Pavilion Wa Palace of the former site, but also the Vietnamese offer Xishi's place. It is said that in order to build the Pavilion Palace, the timber consumed by the waterway transportation and clogging, "Mudu" name also came. For thousands of years, there has been an endless stream of tourists visiting the area.
Due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, the "Yanshan Yaji" lecture series will be held on-site + live broadcast, in addition to a small number of audience participation, through the "Mudu Tourism" video number of live broadcast to share this cultural event with netizens behind the screen, as long as the public number in advance! Live link on the reservation can start this "cloud" cultural journey. As the saying goes, "It is better to read a thousand books than to travel ten thousand miles." The production, dissemination and consumption of culture is closely related to tourism. Interested in this want to come to the scene of the public friends, you can pay attention to the "Mudu Tourism" public number, and the Yanshan Yaji related information to participate in the ticket, a glimpse of the speaker's style.
Autumn high and refreshing days, accept the cultural cultivation, you may wish to go to Mudu walk a tour, feel the garden, landscape, the beauty of humanity.