Mudu Tourism Company Advanced Typical Information on Taiwan Flood Prevention and Resistance

Release time:

2021-07-27 10:16

In order to cooperate with the anti-Taiwan flood control work, Mudu Tourism Company responded to the call of the higher level respectively from July 23 to 27 for 5 consecutive days to arrange for employees to take turns to be on night duty (night patrols in the scenic area to check for hidden security problems and remove dangerous obstacles).

The night duty work party comrades take the lead to lead the company's other employees 2-3 people in a group of 18:00 every 2 hours to go to the ancient town and Lingyan Mountain Scenic Spot patrol, found that the problem reported to the group in a timely manner.

July 25, 20:00 Zhu Yongmei, vice president of the team just returned to the office from the Punggol Mansion, wet clothes did not have time to wipe the Xishi Bridge, "Flower Stream" call for help, the trees were blown by the wind folded, collapsed in the house, the edge of the pedestrians pass by from time to time there is a great potential safety hazards. Mr. Zhu contacted the group at the first time to communicate to send professionals to clear the obstacles, and then arranged for the company's duty personnel to the scene at the first time to appease the merchants and protect the scene, advise pedestrians to drive around the road. 22:30 minutes or so, after the completion of clearing the obstacles to report to the group in a timely manner and to the "Flower Stream" merchant notification. Rapid response, timely stop-loss, closed-loop command won the merchants of the tourism company's recognition.

 In addition, in the two days before the work of the flood control work, Mr. Zhu took the lead in strict accordance with the requirements of the group command every two hours to report on the situation in the town, in the checking work, as big as a wall, a tree, as small as a screw bolt to consider whether there are potential safety hazards; night patrols, every scenic spot to their cell phone number to the attractions of the night staff and care for the first time there are problems to call her. In the night patrol, every time we arrive at a scenic spot, we write down our cell phone number to the night watchman and ask him to call her at the first time if there is any problem.

Under the leadership of Mr. Zhu, the first two days of the night watch process, the town found that the safety hazards can be cleared instantly has been cleared instantly, the need for other departments to assist has also been reported to the group, as of 10:30 a.m. on July 26th, the town scenic spot did not have an injury and other accidents, continuously fighting 2 nights a day Mr. Zhu in the meticulous work will be handed over to the baton of the vice president of the Qian Fanghua Fang home to recuperate after, the flood control work in the Qian Fanghua, the vice president of the town's flood control work in the past two years. Ancient town of flood control work under the leadership of Mr. Qian will continue to progress steadily.