Wuzhong Mingde Education Center invites you to the summer "Qingfeng Study Tour".

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2021-07-05 14:54

Recently, the "beasts" have entered the pleasant summer vacation time. On the afternoon of July 1, the students from Rose Garden Community came to Wuzhong Mingde Education Museum to experience the "Qingfeng Study Tour" and open the colorful summer vacation.
Step into the Wuzhong District Mingde Education Museum, the students were attracted by the museum's profound culture of famous sages, in the tour guide sister's explanation they learned about a generation of famous minister Fan Zhongyan, the ninth grade of the incorruptible official Storm Style Zhao, and modern thinker Feng Guifen, etc., these Wuzhong sages of the story of the virtue of listening to a great deal of interest, but also in the bottom of the heart planted the seed of diligence and honesty.
When the students in the second floor of the Hibiscus Building, see the Wu non-genetic inheritance of handmade inkstone carving, mahogany carving, nuclear carving, Su embroidery, clay sculpture, pan gold embroidery, from time to time issued a gasp of surprise, "so there are so many good things around us," "too exquisite, it must have spent a lot of time! They must have spent a lot of time on it."
After the visit, the students came to the Mingde Hall, they sat quietly, because on the big screen, is playing a scene of the party history documentary, they in the movie to draw the spiritual power to moisten the soul, feel that period of "red" time, but also forged a more pure "red" temperament. Red" temperament.

Finally, the students in the laughter opened DIY seal painting, looking at these exquisite seal, can not help but move, this pattern with that pattern, they are fully focused on the appearance of the mind conceived a variety of images, in a short while, will be comparable to each other, face filled with joyful smiles this "Qingfeng study trip! This "Qingfeng Study Tour", the students are all full of return, their summer life has added a wonderful one.