Wuzhong District Deputy Mayor Zhou Limin and his entourage to Mudu Ancient Town for safety inspection

Release time:

2021-07-01 09:05

In the afternoon of June 30th, Zhou Limin, vice mayor of Wuzhong District, led a team to Mudu Ancient Town to conduct a safety inspection, Ni Fangmin, member of the Party Committee of Mudu Town, Liu Chunmei, deputy general manager of Mudu Culture and Tourism Group, and Qian Fanghua, deputy general manager of Mudu Tourism Company, accompanied by the research.

Zhou Limin, vice mayor and his entourage inspected the safety facilities along Shantang Street and the cruise terminal, and then moved to Yanjia Garden, inspected the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures of the attractions, and inspected the safety accident prevention and emergency response plan, fire safety hydrant, miniature fire pumps, etc., and inquired about the operation of night economy in Mudu, and understood the performance situation of "Mudu Past Events" in Yanjia Garden. The performance of "Mudu Story" in Yanjia Garden was also inspected.

Zhou Limin pointed out that with the opening of the subway line 5, the scenic area of the increased flow of people, must seriously implement the main responsibility for production safety, in-depth investigation and rectification of risks and hazards, and make every effort to protect the people's lives and property safety.