Zhou Shixin Art Museum Relocation and Suzhou Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Institute Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party Exhibition Opening

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2021-06-24 14:04

On June 23rd, outside the Lingyan Mountain Pavilion was crowded and bustling. Suzhou Overseas Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute of painters and calligraphers, gathered here to witness the Zhou Shixin Art Museum new museum officially opened.
The ancient town of Mudu is an important birthplace of Wu culture, the famous painter Mr. Zhou Shixin, as an important inheritor of the contemporary "Wumen School of Painting", loves his hometown, which is located in the ancient town of Mudu, "Pung-eye Mansion" of the works of the exhibition hall. --On May 10, 2014, Zhou Shixin Art Museum was opened.

Seven years have passed. Over the past seven years, Mr. Zhou Shixin has promoted and introduced Suzhou overseas. During the seven years, he also made a special trip to Suzhou, returned to his hometown, exchanged skills, splashed ink on the spot, and supported the development of his hometown in the form of calligraphy and painting art. The people of Mudu Town and the people of Zhou's hometown, in the spirit of their love for Mr. Zhou Shixin, initiated the relocation of the Zhou Shixin Museum of Art two years ago, and set up the new museum in Bi Yuan's former residence at the foot of Lingyan Mountain.
With a thousand-year-old temple and beautiful Lingyan, the relocation of Zhou Shixin Art Museum is very suitable for the theme of calligraphy and painting art. Unfortunately, Mr. Zhou Shixin, at the age of 98, passed away peacefully in Vancouver on May 11th of this year. Therefore, at today's opening ceremony of the new gallery, all the participants stood in silence in memory of Mr. Zhou Shixin! At the entrance of the museum, there is a display stand with a picture of Mr. Zhou with the words "Forever in memory of Prof. Zhou Shixin" written on it. On the side of this stand, the guests who participated in the activities, Suzhou Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy of painters and calligraphers have taken photos here, in this form of memory of the master!

Shen Jinhua, Chairman of Suzhou Overseas Chinese Federation, Qin Xiaoliang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Mudu Town, Qian Jun and Jiang Ji, members of the Party Committee of Mudu Town, Wang Lipeng, student of Mr. Zhou Shixin and a painter and calligrapher, You Xin, Chairman of Overseas Chinese Federation of Wuzhong District, Gu Xuefeng, Executive Deputy Director of Zhou Shixin Museum, and Sun Yun, President of Suzhou Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy, were present at the event.

In the day's activities, Mr. Zhou Shixin students, travelers and painters, Suzhou City Overseas Chinese Federation of overseas advisers Wang Lipeng as a representative of friends and relatives to speak. He came on the stage, first of all, on behalf of Mr. Zhou Shixin's family and friends, bowed in the form of thanks to the Mudu Town People's Government, Suzhou Overseas Chinese Association, Wuzhong District Overseas Chinese Association, Mudu Culture and Tourism Group and other relevant institutions, Zhou Shixin Art Museum moved to a new location and held the opening ceremony to express deep gratitude. He said with great emotion: Today's scene, I think Mr. Zhou Shixin, far away in heaven, will be pleased to see. Mr. Zhou Shixin Museum of Art a new look, just as Mr. Zhou Shixin son, Zhou Shixin Museum of Art Honorary Director Mr. Zhou Xihong's praise - "my father's Museum of Art from the Punggol Mansion, to the Lingyan Mountain under the famous House of the First Class, to a higher level"! Wang Lipeng conveyed Mr. Zhou Xihong's wish: at the appropriate time, he decided on behalf of the whole family to donate Mr. Zhou Shixin's precious paintings to the Mudu Township Government again as a token of appreciation to his hometown of Mudu Township Government and the people of Mudu for their love and affection for Mr. Zhou Shixin!
The birds love the old forest, the fish miss the old abyss. Today, Mr. Zhou Shixin, as he wished, will spend his life creating calligraphy and painting masterpieces, dedication to the hometown of the soul, realizing the dream of returning to the roots. Today, Mudu Overseas Chinese History Museum, Zhou Shixin Art Museum and Wang Lipeng Art Museum have been completed and opened to visitors, and Mudu Ancient Town has also become a base for international cultural exchanges among overseas Chinese named by China Overseas Chinese Federation. Suzhou Overseas Chinese Federation Chairman Shen Jinhua said in his speech, overseas Chinese painters and calligraphers are the disseminators of Chinese culture, is the dissemination of "China's voice", tell "China's story" is an important force. It is hoped that the Academy will carry out more cultural exchanges, exchange calligraphy and painting skills, produce more masterpieces, form characteristic highlights, expand social influence, and contribute to cultural exchanges at home and abroad. She expects more masters of culture and art from overseas Chinese to gather here to promote the further development of international culture and art exchanges in Mudu.
Jiang Ji, a member of the Party Committee of Mudu Town, delivered a speech at the ceremony and introduced the artistic achievements made by Mr. Zhou Shixin. He pointed out that Zhou Shixin Art Museum, as the activity base of Wumen School of Painting and the cultural exchange base of Chinese and overseas Chinese, will become a comprehensive art museum integrating the functions of art work exhibition, master's studio and activity gathering. By supporting exhibitions with exhibitions and making friends with paintings, it will continue to meet the growing cultural needs of the public, promote traditional regional art and culture, and take the promotion of Wu culture to a new level.

Mudu town party committee member Qian Jun, Suzhou Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Institute President Sun Yun for Zhou Shixin Art Museum unveiled, Suzhou Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Institute also formally stationed in the Zhou Shixin Art Museum, the leaders together to start the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party of Suzhou Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Institute of painting and calligraphy works exhibition. Sun Yun, president of Suzhou Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy, said that Suzhou Overseas Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Academy will follow the development of the times and adapt to the development of overseas Chinese.