Mudu Culture and Tourism Group carries out emergency rescue training

Release time:

2021-06-18 16:25

In order to further improve the staff's ability to cope with emergencies and accidental injuries, and effectively master the basic emergency rescue knowledge and skills, so as to protect the health and life safety of tourists, on June 18, Mudu Culture and Tourism Group carried out the safety first aid knowledge and skills training in the secondary visitor center of Dome Mountain, and the first-line staff from the scenic spots under the group and the relevant departments participated in the training.

The training invited Ms. Wang Ling, a paramedic from Suzhou Red Cross Society, to give a lecture. Ms. Wang Ling firstly taught the theoretical knowledge of emergency rescue for the participants, such as the fixation and transportation of bone fracture, the basic knowledge of hemostasis, etc. At the same time, she also explained in detail the steps of chest compressions and artificial respiration through the mannequins on the spot. Then the participants in small groups as a unit, have enthusiastically to the model in front of the live first aid situation of the actual practice, and through the teacher's patience and guidance so that the participants really mastered this first aid skills.
Through this training not only for the staff of the scenic area popularized the knowledge of emergency rescue skills, but also strengthen the safety awareness, improve the staff to deal with emergencies and accidental injuries of the resilience, to ensure that in the future work for the majority of tourists in the scenic area of the travel safety escort.