Prevention is better than cure" Mudu Culture and Tourism Group to carry out pre-holiday fire drills

Release time:

2021-06-15 13:38

On June 11th, Mudu Culture and Tourism Group's safety fire drill was launched in White Elephant Bay Scenic Spot. Under the auspices of Yang Li, deputy general manager of Mudu Culture & Tourism Group, relevant staff from Mudu Culture & Tourism Group, Dome Mountain Scenic Area, Mudu Ancient Town Scenic Area and White Elephant Bay Ecological Tourism Area participated in the fire drill.

Yang Li, deputy general manager of Mudu Culture and Tourism Group, firstly trained on fire and safety awareness. She mentioned: in order to promote the "safety production month" activities, to further implement the "safety production month" series of publicity and education activities, therefore organized the "implementation of safety responsibility, promote safety development Fire drill activities with the theme of "implement safety responsibility, promote safe development". Immediately after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, to tighten the string of safety, to do epidemic prevention and control and safety work "both hands, both".

Then by the fire maintenance unit Fan Yongsheng coach used a theoretical + hands-on approach to the students were taught on-site. Through his words and teach, the trainees understood the basic knowledge of fire, the correct use of fire extinguishers and other skills. In the actual operation of the participants operated the fire extinguisher fire, outdoor fire hydrant fire, the use of fire pumps, fire bombs thrown and other exercises.

Hidden danger is more dangerous than open fire, prevention is better than disaster relief, this fire safety emergency drill, the leadership attention, full participation, trainees have a deeper understanding of fire safety expertise, and further enhance the scenic area of each department to face the emergencies of the resilience of the work of the future production safety has laid a solid foundation.