May 5, Dragon Boat Festival, Dumpling and Ai Lifetime Tour in Mudu

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2021-06-10 09:45

The small lotus is only showing its sharp tip, and there are dragonflies standing on the head. Unconsciously, it is the time of the Dragon Boat Festival. Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duan Yang Festival, China's traditional cultural festivals, has been listed as one of the intangible cultural heritage. There are many legends about Dragon Boat Festival, among which the earliest legend is widely circulated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other areas is the Dragon Boat Festival in honor of Wu Zixu in the Spring and Autumn Period. Every Dragon Boat Festival, Wu Zixu, Xukou and other areas commemorate him by wrapping zongzi and throwing them into the river, eating "five yellow", wearing "five poisons", hanging calamus and other traditional customs. In midsummer, the sound of the robin. The leisurely paddle rowed across the fragrant stream, the boat through the water lane ripples ...... this Dragon Boat Festival, you can not only swim in the Mudu garden, Pei Ben Cao incense sacs, but also taste Dragon Boat Festival umi rice dumplings, garden cool to enjoy the immersive performances.

Ai full of incense stream - garden gift scented bag    
Dragon Boat Festival is the beginning of summer (the month of noon), has been considered by the ancients is "bad month", the ancients described this period "five poisons out", snakes and insects multiply, easy to bite people, people are prone to disease, plague is also easy to epidemic. As early as two thousand years ago, the folk wear scented sachets, to avoid filth and evil folklore Dragon Boat Festival, can be described as an important node of the ancient disease prevention. During the Dragon Boat Festival, to the ancient town of a tour will have the opportunity to obtain the herb scented bag, wear on the body of the ears and eyes can also drive away mosquitoes and evil spirits.
Activity Location: Ancient Town Visitor Center
Activity time: June 12-14
Receive instructions: Where to buy the ancient town ticket, network tickets (including children, the elderly, students and other preferential tickets) visitors are entitled to receive a complimentary scented pouch with the ticket. Limited number, first-come-first-served.
Remarks: (Taihu Lake Tourism annual card, leisure card, villagers card, complimentary tickets and other non-ticket channels into the park visitors do not participate in this activity.)

Dumplings in Shantang - Shopping for Delicious Foods
During the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu Zixu Wen Anbang Wuding made great contributions to the development of Wu, but was eventually killed by the king of Wu who listened to slander. During the Dragon Boat Festival, every family in Mudu and Xukou would make and eat zongzi to commemorate him. Wu rice rice dumplings are the special dumplings in Mudu, Xukou and other areas, which are said to be effective in tonifying the spleen and kidneys, dispelling wind and detoxifying the toxins, relieving coughs, calming the mind, brightening the eyes, and darkening the hair. During the Dragon Boat Festival, you may want to go to Mudu to taste the umami rice dumplings and savor the distinctive seasonal delicacies.
Activity time: June 12-14
Venue: Shantang Street

Impression of Mudu - Enjoying Wu Rhythm in Summer
As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches midsummer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Mudu has a dense water network, and people are surrounded by rivers. You can enjoy the cool breeze in the garden and watch an immersive performance - "Mudu Past", which integrates Suzhou local culture, costumes, language and opera. This play is an interpretation of a turbulent Qing dynasty, a Gusu family in the sea of commerce, a love-hate relationship, and a heart-wrenching old dream of the family and the country.
Activity time: June 12-14
Venue: Shantang Academy, Yan Family Garden