World Environmental Day, Mudu carries out activities to purify the mountain on the Lingbai Line

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2021-05-27 10:31

The "Lingbai Line" is very familiar to Suzhou's hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. From Lingyan Mountain in Mudu Town in the south to Longchi Scenic Spot in Baimajian, Hi-Tech District in the north, the total length is about seven or eight kilometers, which is the most classic and ecological mountain walking line in Suzhou.

The beautiful scenery along the way makes people happy physically and mentally, however, along with the arrival of a large number of mountaineers has brought great pressure on the environment here. The garbage everywhere not only makes people lose interest in playing, but also makes the ""Lingbai Line"" lose its former elegance.


Under the leadership of Comrade Liu Chunmei, secretary of the branch, a three-hour hiking trip to Jingshan was conducted. Jingshan process to overcome a lot of difficulties: first of all, the road along the way are rugged, very steep, and secondly, the physical strength of the members of the Jingshan is an extraordinary test.

Despite this test, but there is not a complaint or grumble you help me, I pull you, unity and cooperation, hoping to do their own little effort to make this "Lingbai line" to restore the former elegance.

After three hours of cleaning the mountain, the garbage on the "Lingbai Line" was cleaned up, even though there was some physical exhaustion after descending the mountain. Looking at the bags of garbage, the team members were full of joy.

In the World Environment Day is approaching, we hereby appeal: we hope that the majority of mountaineers in the process of enjoying the climb can consciously care for the environment, do not add to the burden of this beautiful mountains and beautiful rivers and mountains. Protect the environment, start from yourself!