Party Branch of Jinfeng Holding Group and Party Branch of Wuzhong District Taxation Bureau Mudu Branch and Party Branch of Wuzhong District Taxation Bureau No.2 Branch Jointly Conducted May Theme Party Day Activity in Mingde Education Center

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2021-05-20 10:52

In order to deeply study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping
To further raise the political position and strengthen the overall planning

In order to effectively strengthen the sense of integrity and rules of party members and cadres

On May 18, the Party branch of Jinfeng Holding Group, the Party branch of Wuzhong Taxation Bureau Mudu Branch and the Party branch of Wuzhong Taxation Bureau No.2 Branch jointly carried out the theme party day activity in May. This activity focuses on "building a strong organization to build a fortress, service centers to make contributions, and solving problems for the people", combining with the party history learning and education, and in-depth education on party culture and clean government.

Shen Yonghong, secretary of Wuzhong Taxation Bureau Mudu Branch, Wang Yihong, Yan Yongfang, Ma Weixing, deputy secretary of Wuzhong Taxation Bureau No.2 Branch, Song Chunyan, Lu Hailong, Shen Yaoliang, Wu Chunsheng, deputy secretary of Jinfeng Holding Group, Chen Shun, members of the party branch, Meng Hong, Zhu Zhengfang, Zhu Zongyin, and a total of more than 40 party members and cadres of the three branches participated in this activity.

01Reiterating the oath of joining the Party, firming up the initial mission

The oath of joining the party is a guide to action, is the motto of the communists, constantly revisited, in order to be able to walk steadily and far-reaching. In order to inspire the party members of the three branches to forget the original heart, remember the mission, forge ahead and move forward, the site held a renewed oath of joining the party, swearing to the party activities.
Under the leadership of Chen Shun, deputy secretary of the party, party members solemnly raised his right hand, clenched his fist and took the oath, renewed the oath, once again accepted the baptism of the soul, firmly the mission of the party, the struggle for the initial heart, but also enhance the cohesion of the party organization and combat effectiveness.

02 In-depth study of Xi Jinping's important speeches to promote the implementation of decisions and deployments

At the scene, party members focused on studying General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech "Grasp the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and build a new development pattern". Subsequently, a thematic discussion was held around the theme of "solving problems for the people" to explore how to give full play to the political and organizational advantages of the party organization, continue to optimize the business environment for taxation, and enhance the satisfaction of service and public opinion. The meeting asked the participating party members to contact the actual situation, in-depth thinking, and effectively achieve:
1, firmly grasp the new positioning of the "new stage", and effectively unify their thoughts and actions with the analysis and judgment of the CPC Central Committee on the situation at home and abroad with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core.

2, firmly grasp the new characteristics of the "new pattern", and strive to promote the new era and new stage of Jiangsu modernization to make new and greater progress.

3, firmly grasp the "new journey" of the new requirements, the scientific establishment of new goals.

4, firmly grasp the new connotation of the "new capacity", and strive to achieve greater performance in building a new development pattern.

03 Solidly carry out party history learning and education to ensure orderly and effective promotion

The party members watched the documentary "Hundred Refined Steel: One Hundred Years of the Communist Party of China" and excerpts from "The Communists", and then carried out a sharing session on "Reading Party History, Remembering the Beginning" to talk about their learning experience. Through the above forms, we can revisit the bloody and magnificent history before the founding of the Party, and feel the noble faith and unremitting pursuit of the revolutionary forefathers for the cause of communism.

Through the party history study, further strengthen the ideals and beliefs, remember the original mission, and actively play a role. Everyone in the exchange of learning experience agreed that: party history learning and education should be integrated into the daily, grasping in often. As party members, we should bear in mind the spirit of the General Secretary's speech, learn history to understand reason, learn history to increase confidence, learn history to advocate virtue, learn history to act.

04 Visit to Wuzhong Mingde Education Center to strengthen the education of party style and honesty

This activity led the party members and cadres to visit the Wuzhong District Mingde Education Center (Feng Guifen's former residence) together. Wuzhong Mingde Education Center is a party member's integrity education center jointly prepared by Wuzhong District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Commission and Mudu Township Party Committee.
Party members through visiting the exhibition hall, listening to the explanation, focusing on the appreciation of praise Feng Guifen virtue deeds of commentary performance "Feng Guifen biography", etc., in-depth understanding of Feng Guifen life story and theoretical thinking, seriously study the Wuzhong land of clean officials and sages through the ages of the story of virtue, a deep comprehension of the land of Wuzhong continues to be handed down the wind of virtue, inspired all the members of the party to "virtue and respect for the gift of the right heart, cultivate the body, respect virtue and goodness". Cultivate the body, virtue and goodness" of the ideological consciousness of all party members.