Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau leadership research Mudu Ancient Town Jiangnan small bookstore

Release time:

2021-05-19 15:45


May 18 afternoon Suzhou City Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau Xu Hongxia, deputy director of the market Zhong Han a director and his entourage to Mudu Ancient Town, research Jiangnan small bookstore "three into" the work carried out by the District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, deputy director of the wisdom of Hu, the vice president of the Mudu Tourism Company accompanied by the investigation of Zhu Yongmei and so on. Xu and his entourage have visited "meet Gusu Mudu past" daytime theater, Shantang Academy, to understand the performance operation, cultural characteristics, business methods, market impact and other aspects of the situation. The ancient town to promote the small bookstore "three into" work to be fully affirmed, while encouraging the scenic area to actively spread the expansion, digging to create a few both local characteristics and market influence of the Jiangnan small theater, enhance the activities of the ancient town and taste.