Mudu Ancient Town carries out safety special inspection

Release time:

2021-05-14 14:51

On the evening of May 13th, Mudu comprehensive law enforcement brigade and fire department carried out a special safety inspection on small merchants using gas in the area of the ancient town as well as all the places that may have potential safety hazards, accompanied by Liu Chunmei, vice president of the Cultural and Tourism Group, and other members of the leadership team. The inspection team took the form of surprise, has the ancient town of West Street, Shantang Street inspection. During the inspection, it focused on whether the merchants have business licenses, whether there is illegal operation without a license, whether there is a fire safety management system, whether the equipment of fire safety facilities and equipment is in good condition, whether to install qualified gas alarms and the safe management of electricity and fire, and other aspects were inspected. Problems found during the inspection, immediately urge the deadline for rectification, to prevent accidents.